one-way ticket

(I found this entry I wrote the summer before heading out to Colorado: June 2009)It's final.I just purchased a one-way ticket to Denver, Colorado.Final Destination--Fraser, Colorado.I know I am not going to even be there a long time, but it is still one of the biggest changes thus far in my life.All my life, I have done what was comfortable. I have done what is safe. I have done what I thought others would approve of. I guess in a way, I still am playing it safe. But atleast it's a step towards my future in risk-taking.The song, Everyone is Free to Wear Sunscreen is one of my favorites--and one of my favorite lines is..."Do something everyday that scares you." I want to be that person. I want to be the risk-taker. The spontaneous one. The adventurous one. The free-spirited one. And although I like to think of myself as those things--I'm just not.Atleast, not yet.I want my life to have a lot of one-way tickets. I want my life to be filled with great company. I want to hear the sound of the wind in different parts of the world.  I want my life to be an inspiration. And I want my life to be filled with experiences.So here is my promise-- to no one but myself. Scare yourself. Take risks. Challenge yourself. Listen--to what the world has to say and to what the people in it have to say. Discover yourself. Take opportunities. Inspire yourself. Watch--the movement of this planet and the dances of the people who live in it. Love yourself. Take the road less traveled. Encourage yourself. LOVE--all.