I have a tendency to get really excited over certain thingslike for exampleafter watching Prince William and now Princess Catherine say their "I Do's"I became fascinated with the idea of Royalty and the MonarchySo I read and I read...and I read some moreanything and everything about the Royal Family.-My dad always says DNA and genes are so powerful,and I believe him, especially since he too, obsesses over certain things [all things]-I went on a journey through my own family historytrying to discover if we have Royalty of our myth has it that my great-grandmother, Himilce Esteve was a far off descendant of Queen Urraca of Leon and Castilebut it would be near impossible to prove, since Queen Urraca was born in the year I gave up the idea that I could possibly be a princess, but then I thought...I already belong to a Royal Family.We may not live in castles or wear tiaras. We may not be the head of a country.We may not have the attention of the entire worldor have any one famous like Posh Spice, attend our weddings, unless you consider the future Mayor of Miami-Dade County [which I know, pretty impressive]But what I do know about my family is thatthey are incredible, and so this takes me back to my point about obsessionI have a HUGE obsession with my family.-Just the other day someone said we are 50% of our siblingswhich first scared me [if you know my brother, you understand why I would be frightened]but then it intrigued me.The idea that we are all so interwoven.All sharing DNA. Being a direct creation of our parents, grandparents, etc.We share something that no one else in the world shares.-I have heard it said that there is no other love than the love for your child.Time and time again, they've said you'll understand once you are a parent.Or how about blood runs thicker than water.And I know I won't completely understand the love of a parent until I am actually a mother...but let me just sayI have experienced that specific kind of lovebecause of the love I have for my baby cousin. and yes, she is still a baby in my eyes.Don't let these pictures fool youshe is still my baby.She is my princess and I adore her.-So whether or not we are Royal? I say absolutely.Because the love I share with my father and mother, my brother, my Beba, and the rest of my family is royal.