July 14, 1983. A day the world was changed--and in my opinion, for the better. It was the day, yours truly, Eduardo Martinez-Esteve was born.-Today, I want to celebrate my big brother.photo-2From the beginning, I have looked up to my brother, and everyday he surprised me. And he continues to do so.-When I was younger, I will admit, I just thought he was so cool. He was the good-looking one, the athlete, the charmer, the funny one. He had it all.I wanted to be like him.I even went as far as dressing like him...photo-3

But now those things mean nothing. Though he still has all of those qualities, those are not the reasons why I look up to him now. It is his strength and perseverance. It is his desire to want to continue to grow and mature, and be the man he was intended to be. It is his unconditional love for me. And his wish that his little sister will be happy for the rest of her life.


He would say this himself, but my brother was never the student type. But his appetite to learn about life is inspiring. His craving to be a better man. A better son. A better brother. A better friend-- is inspiring.



Jeff Kluger says here in  Ted Talks- Sibling Bond that the relationship you have with your sibling is one of the most important and influential relationships you will have in your life. And I believe him.

My brother has changed me--and for the better.



Sure, he drove me crazy and still does, but I love him for it. I love him for all that he is.

Here is to you, Eduardo. And for all its worth--in my eyes, you have hit a home run every day of your life.

EmartMoHappy 30th Birthday.

I love you to the moon and back.