today's tidbits

I love the idea of being able to look back and see where I've  been, what I've done, how I've grown, and what I've learned. When I think back, I can still recall the things I obsessed over, like my Tamagotchi or Lisa Frank trapper keeper. Or the things I enjoyed doing, like "make movies" or do my younger cousin's hair even though she hated it, which of course, never stopped me. Or the people I wanted to emulate, like the Olson twins or my older cousins. Or the things I liked to eat, like cafe con leche and tostada or the No. 7 from BK (probably why I "upgraded" to The Limited from Limited Too way before all my friends did.) Or what shoes I never wanted to take off, like my red high-top Converse knockoffs with Tweety bird or my Timberland boots. Or who I had a crush on, like Devon Sawa from Caspar or Will Smith. Or even all the things I collected, like Archie comic books or hand-blown glass paper weights...As I was thinking about who I was then, I started to think about how I only wish I wrote it all down, that my 30-year-old-self could see and read about all the things her 10-year-old-self obsessed over, all the stuff she was doing, all that she was learning, and that she loved, so that one day, she can look back and appreciate where she has been and embrace where she is now.So here, I will share all that I'm into to, all that I'm learning, all that is important to me so that one day my future self can see where I've been and all that I was up to and into...Today's Tidbits:1. Myofascial massages. Holy knots! This is amazing!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good spa massage, but this is my new thing. Myofascial release is a type of therapy that really focuses on a chronic pain or tightness in a specific area. Imagine a massage therapist staying in one spot until the knot is released. Yes, it's that good. It is said to also treat skeletal muscle immobility and help with lymphatic and blood circulation.2. Lara Casey's book, Make it Happen: Surrender your Fear. Take the Leap. Live on Purpose.  This was a book that fell on my lap pretty randomly, but so thankful it did. Casey is authentic and vulnerable as she shares her story of living a life of constantly trying to achieve perfection to a life of purpose, meaning and abundance.3. Mindful eating while sitting at the table, rather than in front of a screen.  Because we are still in need of dining room chairs (all due to the fact that I am extremely indecisive when it comes to furniture shopping), we have spent most of our dinners in front of the TV. The TV wasn't always on, but more often than we'd like to admit, there was something on in the background. Even before that, at work, I usually ate lunch in front of my computer trying to get something done. And worst yet, I often would eat a meal while scrolling through some form of social media. This summer, I am intentionally choosing to sit at the table and eat my meal with no screen to disctract me. It makes me appreciate the food I am eating, while enjoying it!4. Blocking out time in the morning for prayer, meditation, journaling, or reading. (after about thirty minutes or so of the Today Show). Spending time in prayer and reflection first thing in the morning is a gift to your mind, body and spirit. It realigns everything and gives your mind the opportunity to refocus on what's important, to express gratitude, and to remind yourself that you can take on anything the day brings you.5. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. To start, I respect how Bourdain is often crude and inappropriate, but never apologetic. He also takes you to little corners of the world that you would never think to explore. Plus, I like to dream of all the places I hope to one day visit.6. My FLO app. Ladies, check it out. Gentleman, don't worry about it.7. "Acoustic Covers" Spotify playlist. All your favorite radio hits but acoustic! Yes please, and thank you!8. Nutritional yeast. I never understood what it was. Was it yeast to make bread? Was it a seasoning? Why was it yellow? Then I bought some and used it here and there. But it wasn't until recently that I finally decided to look into the health benefits of it, and realized it was much more than just a seasoning. It is antiviral and an antibacterial immune booster. It is protein packed, vitamin-B filled, and contains several other vitamins like folates, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, selenium, and zinc, which we know are especially important for women. Not only nutritious but so yummy. It seriously tastes like Parm cheese! Did you know Nutritional Yeast used to also be used to prevent vitamin deficiencies for prisoners of war?9. My birthday gift from Cameron. My new favorite T-shirt that basically sums up my life: I'm Ride or Die (until about 9pm or so). 10. Studio McGee's Instagram. This one's simple. A new home means I need lots of inspiration. I love their clean and bright look with different textures and colors. But what I appreciate most is that Studio McGee is a husband and wife team, and were once just a dream. They eventually launched their firm in 2014, and now have attention from some of the biggest names in the design world.