today's tidbits

1. theSkimm. So I know I may be late in the game on this one, buuuuuut it's definitely a game-changer. I remember months back, a girlfriend telling me about theSkimm and how I HAVE to subscribe. As someone who already received enough junk mail, I wanted nothing to do with it. She went on and on about how it gives you all the important daily news topics in just one short email. Even still, I wanted nothing to do with it. After all, I had the CNN app –"I am plenty informed". But the truth is, I actually wasn't. In fact, I was always getting updates from friends and family or worse my Facebook feed. "Did you hear?" "How have you not heard?" NO, I haven't actually and I don't know, thank you very much! So finally, I caved, because I want to be the one that calls and says "Oh my gosh, did you hear?" So I am officially on theSkiim bandwagon and you should be too.2. Upbeet. ATL has been waiting for something like this for a long time, and the doors have finally opened. Upbeet opened last Saturday, June 10, and though they were only serving half of the menu, it did not disappoint. From the team at YEAH! Burger, which is basically the best burger in town, Upbeet offers fast-casual nutritious food –a clean and bright space and even cleaner and brighter menu. This may be the new beginning of a new food culture here in Atlanta. NYC & LAX, watch out, ATL is comin' for ya! When the matcha bars and essential oil studios pop up then you'll know we made it.3. Pruning. So if you've read some of my past posts, you may notice I have this thing about seasons. Literal seasons and even more, metaphorical seasons. And I feel you know me well, you know spring is one of my favorite seasons, followed by summer. I love seeing the flowers bloom, the birds chirp, the simple fact that winter is behind us, the colors, all of it! I have always loved gardens too–colorful gardens, edible gardens, herb gardens, but while I love gardens, I admit I do not have a green thumb. I have always wished that I had my grandmother's green thumb, but truth , I kill everything. I am even afraid of getting a succulent cause I'm afraid I'll even kill that. But here is where it gets tricky, as a homeowner, you have to have a green thumb, there is no way around it. So I have told myself that I will teach myself to have a green thumb. And I think my favorite part so far has been pruning. The action of cutting off everything that is dead or not pleasing to the eye is pretty therapeutic. It is not only cutting off everything that is dead but pruning allows for new roses to bloom and for the rose bush to grow. I realize that in order to have a green thumb, pruning is necessary for the Flowers to blossom, and just like the pruning in our own lives, we must cut away all that is old, so that the new can flourish and grow.4. Women entrepreneurs. Like this one, this one, or this one.5. Knowing your neighbors. Growing up in Miami, I never really knew my neighbors. I was fortunate that my best friend from school happened to live down the block, but besides her and her family, we never really got to know our neighbors and they never really got to know us. We did however, know that OJ Simpson lived in my neighborhood, but that was the extent of it. Living in the South is a bit different though, I have quickly learned. Neighbors get to know neighbors. In our first week of moving into our new home, we had several neighbors come to our door bearing gifts and welcoming us to the neighborhood! And I thought that was only in tv and movies, but apparently it's a real thing, and it's the kindest thing, and it's the thing that makes you want to get to know your neighbors and to even more, "love thy neighbor".