today's tidbits

it's been a second since my last mood post, but do I have some good stuff to share.

  1. Yesterday, the NY Times published an article about raising bilingual children. Read it here. As a Spanish teacher, I obviously took interest in this article, and since the US is the second-largest Spanish speaking country, according to a new report, I thought you may find it interesting too.
  2. WomanCode by Alisa Vitti, if there was such a thing as the Hormone Queen, Alisa would be it. I am a little over half way through this book, and already can tell you it is a game changer.  If you want to know your body better, read this. If you get that 3 pm slump, read this book. If you are on birth control, read this book. If you have PCOS, read this book. If you have always felt like something was off when it comes to your hormones, read this book. Actually, if you are a woman, READ this book. EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN, no matter the age or stage of life you're in, should read/listen to this book.
  3. A lot of what Alisa Vitti talks about in her book is removing endocrine-disrupting products from your home, and as you can imagine bleach has several harmful ingredients, but you see, this is a problem for me, because I love crisp, white bed sheets, so I had to do some experimental research. And look no more, because I have found the best, safest laundry bleach and it seriously works! The winner: The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative ! It also can be used to clean sinks, floors, and tiles too! Who doesn't love multi-purpose products!
  4. I have been on the hunt for some simple ceramic coffee mugs, and after many art festivals and nights on Etsy, I found just what I was looking for. Farmhouse Pottery is "old-world potters with simple tools and strong beliefs in process and authenticity", and there pieces are so perfectly simple, especially my silo mug. My next pieces are the farm dog bowls! Boone said he really wanted them...
  5. Down Dog app. I am definitely one of those people that feels like if I am not sweating, I am not getting a good enough work out, which always leads me to never going for that yoga class. I am ALSO one of those people that obviously isn't doing yoga right, because if I were, I know I would be getting that sweat in. I know all my yogi friends are nodding their head right now... Though, I rarely to almost never go to a yoga class, but instead do a 40 minute run, spin class or HIIT workout, I know my mind, body and spirit could benefit from regular yoga sessions. So this is where the Down Dog app comes in to play for me, it has been a way for me to include stretching and mindfulness into my day, even if it's just for 15 minutes. That is what makes this app so great, it is for the novice or even the master yogi. You can set it for 15 minutes to 80 minutes. Every time my quick at-home session is up, I think to myself, why don't I do yoga more often?! I guess that is the goal, right? To make me want more of it. Maybe one day, yoga will become part of my weekly workout routine.