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  1. Since starting my Powersheets in July, I can honestly say I feel as though I have become more aware and focused on cultivating things that matter. Starting in the month of October, one of the things that I added to my daily goals on Powersheets is meditation. The app I often use to help my practice is the Calm app, and an app I just discovered and look forward to using more is the Abide app, which focuses on and reflects on the revelations of God. I am starting small—just 5 minutes, but my hope is to graduate to 10, 15, 20 minutes a day. But for now, we are sticking to a short but sweet five minutes of mindful stillness. Though they may be 5 simple minutes, they have been transformative.  And while meditation has helped me be more mindful and aware of my thoughts in the last couple of months, the real test will come in the months of January and February, as the days grow shorter, colder and gloomier. I'll keep you posted...
  2. Speaking of shorter, colder and gloomier days. We all know that our biggest source of Vitamin D from the sun. In fact, it is believed that 90 to 95 percent of our Vitamin D comes from casual sunlight exposure, which makes complete sense as to whymore and more of us are falling victim of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Even those in sunny South Florida are not immune to this disorder due to the simple fact that we all spend more time inside, and the daylight savings change shifted daylight back into the morning hours, leaving us with less time in the sun. It is even thought that about 90% of adults in the US are Vitamin D deficient. Read here about the importance of Vitamin D and why it is one of the most recommended supplements by physicians today.  So, during these winter months, you better believe I am taking all my Vitamin D supplements.
  3. CHEEEEEEEESE! Everyone loves a beautiful cheese board, and What's Gaby Cooking gives you the perfect how-to. Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset
  4. Racheal's Good Eat's 7-day Sugar Detox.  I'm on the last day of my second round of this sugar detox. And I am starting to think this may need to be a monthly thing.After my first round, I was hooked. I usually struggle to get off the couch and head to bed in the evenings. Ask Cameron. Every night I'd ask him to carry me to bed. Dramatic, I know. And though he never carried me to bed, he would often times grab me by the hands and pull me off the couch. But on day four of my first round  without the added sugars, I was literally jumping off the couch to head to bed. I hadn't had that much energy in the evenings since I could remember. There are so many different opinions on what is good for you and what isn't, but one thing is for sure no matter what side you are on, whether you are a carnivore, herbivore, high fats, or low fats, sugar has little to no place in your diet. That said, I can't go long without something sweet, so tomorrow, I will be enjoying a super delicious (low glycemic index) chocolate from Eating Evolved. 
  5. Christmas shopping that makes a difference—supporting a name rather than a brand or a big retail giant, like my friends at Joy and Light Design, Sun in my Soul, or Coco Bella. 

Peace, Love, and Joy to all this Christmas Season!