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harbour island: a tiny island with a big heart

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Harbour Island. Briland. Home of the Friendliest People.

Our trip to Harbour Island was fairly last minute. At least, for my liking. We bought our tickets only a few weeks prior to our trip. For a quasi type A personality, a few weeks is never enough time to thoroughly research and plan a vacation, but fortunately for us, the island is quite small. A three and a half mile long and a half mile wide island doesn't require too much planning.There is not a whole lot to say about this island other than it is truly magical, every which way you look you see a different, beautiful shade of blue. The sand is PINK! Literally, pink! And velvety soft. When you look close enough, you'll see pink-like glitter in the midst of white fluffy sand. I'm certain there will be a room in Heaven with pink sand. You can find me there.[gallery ids="2113,2114,2102,2116,2120,2124,2123,2127,2126,2101,2105,2104,2100,2098" type="slideshow"]Then there is the food. The Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter. These will  also be served in Heaven. Pink Sand room with endless Ricotta Hotcakes—that's it. That's my Heaven. I literally could just stop there and that would be enough reason to go eat on this island, but everything else was just as soulfully delicious—because when Caribbean people cook, they cook from the heart and soul, and that of course is the best kind of food.[gallery ids="2112,2136,2135,2106,2103,2134,2133,2121,2117,2119,2108,2107,2125" type="slideshow"] And then, the people. They don't just call it "Home of the Friendliest People" for nothing. Truly, they treat you like family. It is no wonder everyone we met has been going to the island for 15+ years. It is a special place, with special people, with a special energy—one that keeps bringing people back.[gallery ids="2130,2131,2129,2128,2109" type="slideshow"] The Musts:

  • Go between Christmas Day and New Years Eve to experience Junkanoo—it was a highlight of our week. Though it is peak season during this week, it is such an exciting and lively time on the island.

  • Golfcarts—the best way to get around the island, unless you are like us and wait too long to book a golf cart on the busiest time on the island...but a bike works too.

  • Sugar Mill Trading Co. on Bay Street (India Hicks's haute-bohemian)

  • Blue Rooster on King Street for dresses, swimsuits, jewelry and gifts.

  • Dake's Shoppe on Crowne Street

  • Arthur’s bakery for a quick breakfast or lunch. Baked goods are made in house daily. Try their delicious key lime tart or coconut bread.

  • The Landing is the best breakfast we've ever had. I said it once, but I'll say it again. The Ricotta Hotcakes are what dreams are made of.

  • Cocoa coffee house is another great breakfast and lunch spot serving Starbucks coffee and bright and colorful acai bowls.

  • Bahamas Coffee Roasters is the only locally roasted coffee in the Bahamas. While owned by Canadians, it was our favorite coffee on the island.

  • If anyone is going to find the one healthy spot, it will be me, and Sweet Spot Café did not disappoint. Like most things on the island, it was pretty expensive, but a kale salad and green smoothie will always be priceless in my book.

  • Lunch at sip sip. The spot to be! Where the Goombay Smash and Conch Chili flow. The menu changes daily, but there are some favorites that never leave the menu, like the Lobster Quesadilla or Burger. The Pork Burger with guava ketchup was incredible!

  • Queen Conch is notably the best conch salad on the island. Just the right amount of fresh conch, lime juice, peppers and onions in a bowl. And we quickly learned, that a conch salad is not complete without a Kalik in hand. But be ware, you will most likely have to wait in line because the Queen makes them by order.

  • Dunmore for lunch or dinner, but we found dinner to be a sweet and romantic dinner under the stars. The warmest and kindest staff, and incredible food.

  • Rock House for drinks and people watching.

  • Da Vine Wine Merchants and Sushi Restaurant is actually some of the best sushi I've ever had! The Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna and Brussels Sprouts were so yum and the sushi was so especially fresh.

  • Ocean View Club is the most magical little bohemian retreat. The comfort of our stay. The unique aesthetic. The hospitality of the staff. The food served. All was perfect!


Truly perfect.